homework 5/21

4 First English lesson in 6th grade

That was a new experience for me.
My teacher is teaching me English.
I’m just giving you some simple numbers, etc.
I’m not sure I speak English.
But at the same time, it made me want to work harder.

5 Bad score on the first English test

First test
I’m very nervous.
Everyone around me seems to be nervous.
When the test starts, I can’t solve it as well as I want.
It makes me feel uneasy.
I regretted that I should have studied more.
I tried not to repeat the same thing.

6 I never got a red score in English, which I am not good at in high school

I didn’t get a single red mark in my three years of high school.
Now I know where I need to study.
I feel myself growing.
I’m glad, but I also know I need to learn more.
I decided to work hard so that I could grow in college.

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